Web design – a foundation of a website’s visuality

Web design – a foundation of a website’s visuality

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When design is equally important for a website as website development – without it, a website would not be complete. It is a powerful tool that makes your website stand out, both visual elements and functionality are the responsibilities of web design. Want to learn more about this topic? Then let’s read further!

What is web design?

Web design – the sphere that covers the website’s visual appearance, aesthetics, brand identity, and more. It involves everything from planning to implementing the design to make the website visually appealing. Web design is a difficult sphere, and a web designer has to be able to work with design tools as well as know graphic design.

A good web design has a lot of benefits, such as memorable first impressions and better Google ranking. The visual elements it involves are layouts, fonts, colors, shapes, video, images, icons, logos, functional – navigation, user interaction, speed, site structure, and compatibility. It has to follow some principles, such as simplicity and visual hierarchy.

Although some may confuse web design with web development, they are not the same. Web design is responsible for the website’s look, feel, and overall appearance, while web development is responsible for developing the site. Generally, web design does not require coding, but a person can be both a web designer and a developer.

Web designing and web development are closely related as they often work together. Want to develop a website faster and easier? Purchase web design products: themes, templates, UI design.

Web design vs. UI/UX design

Web design is also often confused with UI/UX design. These spheres are similar, but web design is a broader concept. A web designer has to know both UI and UX design as he has to compile it. Also, he has to have knowledge of programming languages, designing programs, and graphic design, such as color theory.

However, UI/UX design is an industry-specific term that focuses on different spheres. UI design is more similar to web design as it focuses on creating visual elements and interference between customers and products. UX design focuses on user experience, for example, making a website convenient and collaborating with UI designers to make the website better. Both UI and UX are crucial to the organization, so a person is often a UI/UX designer.

Moreover, a web designer is a person who works with clients and turns complex concepts into simple design elements. Often, he acts like a graphic designer. A UI/UX designer is a person responsible for prototypes and wireframes, enhancing user experience (UI), and doing user research by using surveys, etc. (UX).

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