The basics of WordPress

The basics of WordPress

2024-04-06 - By Adveits Blog - Comments (0) - Web design, Web development

You have probably heard about WordPress. It is estimated that around 43% of websites in the world are built with WordPress, and it proves that this system is widely used and a popular choice, especially for beginners and non-programmers. In this article, we aim to discuss the most important aspects of WordPress.

What is WordPress?

First of all, let’s clarify this concept. As you may know, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems to create a website. It is open-source and free, which means anyone can use it, and it is easy to edit content. Nowadays you can build any type of website with this system: an e-commerce store, a personal portfolio, or a blog. 

Originally, WordPress was created as a system for blogging. However, its functions have expanded, and even the big companies use WordPress. There are many themes you can choose from, and many plugins that can make your website better. If you are looking for a unique WordPress theme or a plugin, check out our store.

WordPress benefits

WordPress has many benefits that can make it a better choice than other systems. And they are not just that WordPress is a free and open-source (easy to edit) tool. Due to these benefits, you should consider using it:

  • Easy to learn and use. The most important thing for the users is that you do not have to know programming to use the system – the operation is very easy to learn based on intuition rather than technical skills. You can find many tutorials online, and you can easily find a programmer who can build a website with WordPress. There are many WordPress communities, too. Although it requires some time to begin, you will understand the management fast;
  • SEO-friendly. SEO is important for Google and other search engines. Without it, the website would be invisible to users. WordPress is created according to SEO standards, and additional plugins can help you with your visibility;
  • Fast speed. The loading speed is crucial for user experience. No one likes to wait for a website to load. WordPress websites have a fast loading speed of about a second. Also, bounce rates are low;
  • Security. WordPress, as one of the most popular content management systems, has regular updates. These updates make a website secure and non-vulnerable to common threats. The updates are also available for themes and updates;
  • Mobile responsiveness. Mobile responsiveness means that the website can adjust to different screen sizes. Nowadays, every website should be responsive as many people buy and browse using their smartphones. A website built with a mobile-responsive WordPress theme corresponds to this standard. In fact, many WordPress themes are mobile-responsive;
  • Customization. As we said, there are many themes and plugins that can make your website unique. Although the free themes can be similar, you may always choose the paid ones that have the best features.

Where to start?

Want to start using WordPress? You need to follow several steps. First of all, technical ones: register your domain (website name), find a hosting provider, install an SSL certificate, and WordPress itself. These steps give you the start.

Second, take care of a website: choose a theme, customize it, install plugins, and add SEO-friendly content. The final step is to launch a website. If you need help, you can always contact professionals.

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