Pros and cons of free WordPress themes

Pros and cons of free WordPress themes

2023-12-04 - By Adveits Blog - Comments (0) - Web design, Web development

If you are building a website, you probably already know about WordPress. It is a widely used and open-source content management system that is for building easy-to-use websites. You can easily create and edit content on WordPress, and a lot of websites are built using this system.

No website would be completed without a theme. A theme is the core of a website’s complete design. It determines the overall appearance and functionality of a website. It is no secret that there are free WordPress themes, and there are paid ones. Have you ever wondered what is the difference between them? Let’s look at the pros and cons of free themes.

What is a WordPress theme?

First of all, let’s define the WordPress theme. A WordPress theme involves templates, code files, and stylesheets that determine your website’s look and ensure smooth operation. If you use a pre-design WordPress theme, you do not need any coding – that means, you can customize everything from colors to fonts easily. Most of the themes are customizable and can be changed without losing any content.

Every theme had its own templates, plugins, and files. Because of that, you can control the website’s overall appearance and even how certain elements act when visitors interact with them. For example, mobile-responsive themes can hide some elements when accessed via a mobile phone.

Pros of free WordPress themes

  • They are free. Of course, it is an obvious advantage. Financial questions are especially relevant for startups, bloggers, and new businesses. They can build their website without any big expenses;
  • There is a wide choice. You can choose from a variety of themes to use. You also can experiment with various different variants before making a final decision;
  • They are easy to use. If you are a beginner, this is a great option. Due to its simple navigation and functionality, you do not need much time to install it.

Cons of free WordPress themes

  • It has little customization. Although free themes can be customizable, they often have limited customization. Also, the latest technological functions are not available. This affects users’ experience and uniqueness;
  • They are widely used. When it comes to uniqueness, there is one more issue – since these themes are free, they are used by a lot of people. Therefore, your website may not stand out from the crowd;
  • There is little technical support. Finding these themes is easy, but what about when you need help? The support is often limited or non-existent;
  • They have limited features and functionality. The theme determines the website’s functionality. Free themes have limited functions, and it could be beneficial for beginners, but in most cases, it is a con;
  • There are no guarantees. Not only there are no technical support, but also warranties. So, you have to deal on your own since you paid nothing.

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