How to choose the right e-commerce theme?

How to choose the right e-commerce theme?

2024-02-11 - By Adveits Blog - Comments (0) - Marketing, Web design

E-commerce website is one of the most popular websites nowadays. Since online shopping continues to grow, more and more business move their activity to virtual space. It could be said that online shopping is an essential element in sales, and without it, a business can hardly be as profitable as possible. 

Why e-commerce website theme is important?

A website theme for an e-commerce store is a crucial thing that needs to be taken with a lot of consideration. As a foundation of the whole website’s design, it affects the user experience. User experience is the ultimate point that encourages people to buy goods from you. A good theme can positively affect the user experience which will lead to sales.

In fact, a lot of e-commerce websites can fail because they do not have the right theme. And we are talking not only about aesthetics and easy usage – the right theme can help to avoid poor loading time, and duplicate content, minimize bounce rates, and increase conversation rates. These are technical aspects that also affect user experience and SEO.

It is important to mention that all these things are interconnected. Professional themes can offer some technical features that also contribute to sales. For example, if the loading speed is slow, the customer will likely leave your website.

Tips on choosing an e-commerce theme

There is no doubt that a good e-commerce theme offers a lot of benefits. However, choosing the right one can be challenging as the theme has to be both aesthetical and smoothly integrate all the online shopping features. Here are some tips on choosing e-commerce themes:

  • Choose a theme that fits your business and stands out. E-commerce websites can vary. This means that one theme can fit for women’s clothes stores, while another – for interior design and furniture shops. So, you have to do some research on what themes your competitors are using. This helps you to decide on a suitable and original theme;
  • Be aware of technical aspects. Mobile-responsive design, fast loading speed, SEO-friendly design, easy navigation, and check out – these are details that greatly affect user experience. Most people are shopping using phones nowadays;
  • Check how products and other elements look on the website. Different themes might have different templates (a single-page layout). You should check how content (products, logos, colors, buttons) looks on each template since there can be errors;
  • Choose a theme with customer support. Free themes may seem like a good option, but they also do not have customer support. Customer support helps to ensure that everything goes well.

Pre-design themes and templates from Adveits

Choosing a pre-designed theme and template may be an affordable option since developing it costs a lot of money and time. If you are looking for an e-commerce theme or template for your website, Adverts can offer some good options specifically for e-commerce.

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