Web design – a core element in website building

Web design – a core element in website building

2023-11-25 - By Adveits Blog - Comments (0) - Web design

If you want to build a website, you should know that it involves not only programming part (web developing) but also designing. These two terms must not be confused as web development is responsible for the smooth operation of the website, and web design is responsible for the appearance of the website. A unique web design has a lot of benefits, therefore, we will discuss this topic in more detail.

What is web design?

First, let’s define web design. Web design, as the name suggests, is designing your website the way users would like it. It involves everything visual, from planning the structure to implementing the plan. The main purpose of web design is to create a visually appealing website that gives good user experience. This process is not only technical but also intuitive and creative. It should be mentioned that web design is also responsible for the usability of the website.

The person who designs your website is a web designer, in particular – a UI/UX designer. This person is responsible for everything visual and functional, and he uses a lot of web designing tools, such as Adobe, CorelDraw, Inkscape, and others. the main elements of web design can be categorized into two groups:

  • Visual elements, such as fonts, shapes, layouts, colors, images, videos, logos, icons, and similar;
  • Functional, such as navigation, user interaction, responsiveness, speed, and site structure.

Benefits of web design

Web design can not be underestimated, because it has numerous benefits, such as:

  • Good first impression. You have only one opportunity to make a good first impression. A website that is well-structured and attractive will represent your brand;
  • Better ranking. Have you ever wondered why one website is high on organic search, and another – not? This is not only because of SEO but also web design. A good web design includes important elements, such as good speed, navigation, mobile-friendly environment, URL, and other, that makes your website more visible on a search engine;
  • Good for the brand. It is always a good idea to keep consistency and uniqueness when we are talking about the brand. With the help of web design, your website can reflect your brand style and make it memorable;
  • Engaging environment. Needless to say, a well-designed website has customers’ trust and loyalty. They can engage more and see the website as trustworthy.

Can you build a website without a web designer? The answer may surprise – yes. But it will be hard and time-consuming, because, if you want custom design, you have to know how to code. The other, easier way is to use pre-designed web design themes, templates, and UI design. Before purchasing it, make sure they are compatible and have all the benefits and functions.

Purchasing themes, templates, and UI design does not mean your website will be boring. Usually, you can customize them according to your needs.

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