Benefits of using pre-designed website themes and templates

Benefits of using pre-designed website themes and templates

2023-12-11 - By Adveits Blog - Comments (0) - Web design, Web development

It is no secret that a good-looking website, that operates smoothly, is a big plus to any business. However, website development can be an expensive and difficult task – you have to hire not only professional programmers for its internal development but also UI/UX designers for its visual appearance. If you do not have the finances for the latter, there is a solution – purchasing pre-designed themes and templates.

Is it worth purchasing themes and templates?

We have already discussed themes and templates in other blog articles. Shortly, a web theme is a set of templates, that determines a website’s appearance. A web template is a pre-made layout where you arrange content. As we said, you can buy these website items, the benefits are the following:

  • They save time. Building a website from scratch is not only quite difficult but also time-consuming. If you want to do it fast, these web items are a perfect solution. Generally, installing a theme is more difficult than installing a template, but you can find a specialist for help;
  • They save money. Themes and templates are definitely cheaper than hiring a UI/UX designer and can save you a lot of money. They are budget-friendly solutions for all businesses, especially small ones. The truth is, you can even find free themes and templates, but they lack uniqueness and have a lot of other cons;
  • There are multiple choices. If you worry about the options, we can assure you that you can find the right ones for your business. It is even possible to get a theme or a template that is specifically made for a certain business, for example, a shop, hotel, etc. The variety can be limited if you opt for free themes and templates, however;
  • They are customizable. Do you want to make your website more unique? That is possible because you can easily customize your theme or template – change fonts, colors, images, update content, and more;
  • They are supported. One more problem with free web items is that you probably will not get any help. But if you purchase them, you can expect new updates and customer support from the providers;
  • They are SEO-friendly. SEO is highly important nowadays. Both paid themes and templates have built-in SEO. This makes them an even better option for non-tech people;
  • They are mobile-friendly. Speaking about SEO, non-responsive designs can negatively affect it. Needless to say, it also affects users’ experience – if a website does not adjust to mobile phones automatically, it is considered a disadvantage.

It is possible to build a website without pre-made themes and templates. However, it takes time and money. Purchasing pre-designed themes and templates can bring a lot of benefits.

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