Wireframe – a step for a successful website, or why should we use it?

Wireframe – a step for a successful website, or why should we use it?

2023-06-10 - By Adveits Blog - Comments (0) - Web design

Understanding wireframes

Have you ever heard about wireframes? This term refers to the vocabulary of UX design, wireframe is an essential and useful element in website development. Clients, before receiving the final result, should get a primal scheme of a website. It is called a wireframe. Sometimes you can even purchase a wireframe to develop your item. The patterns of wireframes, which will help to understand the core of these designs, are presented in this article.

What is a wireframe?

A wireframe can be described as an initial scheme, blueprint, or layout of a web page. It shows a visual website structure, so clients can discuss it with developers. By creating wireframes, developers aim to provide a visual understanding of a key page, which will be developed in the further process of website development. Wireframes are created in the early stage of a project before programming and website design creation, it is not the final design. Simply speaking, it is a tool that helps to clarify clients’ needs through visual schemes and communication.

The advantages of wireframes include not only ensuring that the final result will meet your needs but also saving the developer’s time and your finances. Since wireframes do not include any programming, they can be more easily changed according to the client’s demands. The aim of wireframing is to define website features and structure for a client, so it is beneficial to both sides.

Some designers like to create wireframes by hand on paper, others like to use online tools for wireframing. Since we mostly communicate through an online environment nowadays, it is useful to learn about online wireframing tools for website design developers. In addition, wireframes are a highly important part for designers, so they should be created by any means. It is important to mention that you can create your own item by using wireframes.

Professional companies, such as Adveits, offer to purchase wireframes. These wireframes are already prepared templates for your businesses which allow you to create your design more easily. Well-structured and esthetical wireframes offered by Adveits can be used to create web design or even the whole item. We offer 26 wireframes, which have positive customer reviews.

Wireframes are created for different programs and purposes. Our wireframes are applied to work with specific programs. There are wireframes for PSD, Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch. Also, you can purchase a wireframe according to your needs and purpose – we offer wireframes for Magento, Shopify, Website, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and WooCommerce. If you want to purchase a wireframe or learn more details, check out https://store.adveits.com/?s=wireframe&post_type=product.

About wireframes: elements, differences, and types

The whole wireframe can be created in greyscale, and it is important to understand that wireframes do not show interactive features as it is a two-dimensional scheme. The elements of a wireframe depend on what wireframe type you choose. Usually, it includes these:

  • Logos
  • Headers
  • Search fields
  • Share buttons
  • Lorem Ipsum text

There are different forms of wireframes: website wireframes and mobile wireframes. The differences between those two should be considered. For example, the size of the screen is different meaning that multiple columns in a desktop would be one or two columns in the app. On a website on a computer, the user clicks on something, but he or she has to tap on mobile. Mobile wireframes should represent the possibility to download content rather than click on the link.

Three main types of wireframes are:

  • Low-fidelity wireframes – they are very basic primal images of a web page. The details in these wireframes are simple pictures, block shapes, and model text.
  • Mid-fidelity wireframes – they are the most popular out of these free. While still using a small number of pictures, they are more representative layouts created by using online tools.
  • High-fidelity wireframes – they are the most elaborated designs with high-pixel pictures, and they may include real text. These types of wireframes are useful for further design creation.

Wireframes offered by Adveits are already prepared to use meaning you can create your website on your own. Every wireframe has different elements and features that can be found on our website. Why is it worth purchasing a wireframe? Our wireframes allow you to develop business stores or other projects easily, precisely, and faster.

What more Adveits can offer?

If purchasing a wireframe is not enough for you, our company can offer more services. Since Adveits are a professional team that offers a variety of online services to online businesses, we offer to help you to reach success by developing high-quality, unique, and professional websites. We can develop a variety of different websites: representative, micro, promotional, e-shop, CMS, or landing-page websites. We can also take care of website design creation, website structure planning, graphic design, advertising, and other services. To develop a good website and a good design, a suitable wireframe is needed. Since we are client-oriented, we create professional wireframes according to your demand to achieve the best results.

Why choose us? Nowadays many online businesses offer website services. It could be hard to choose from this variety. We will provide some reasons to entrust website development and other services to us:

  • We develop unique and creative websites, designs, and we offer professional client support.
  • Our company has international experience, and our clients trust us.
  • Our designs are modern, our websites are high-quality, and we have a wide choice of already prepared wireframes to purchase.